Selecting the right stone for the type of design project

The intrinsic difficulties in the apparently most basic achievements can still be significant and require additional, specific skills, which go beyond the craft of marble manufactured product processing. The key point in this type of work, on which its successful outcome depends, is the sense of aesthetic and executive 'simplicity' that it needs to convey to the eyes of the onlooker.


We were able to express these skills, which result from a specific corporate vision, in a project in 2015, where we produced the interiors of a villa set in the greenery on the outskirts of Vienna. The architect's concept required the use of natural materials to express luxury and beauty, showcasing their patterns and colours and avoiding the use of excessively elaborate processing. As part of this project, the pursuit of perfection in the details was the most important factor in satisfying the customer's expectations and, at the same time, the most insidious expectation from the entire project.


Hence the decision to manage the installation phase directly, a decision which allowed us, thanks to a direct and constant liaison on site with our technical fitters combined with transparent communication with the designers, to see that our expectations were abided, based on a tremendous task entailing the preparation of the materials, which began in our engineering department and ended in our in-house trimming department.


For each different part of the dwelling, different marbles and granites were picked out and treated in the manner most appropriate for their individual technical and aesthetic characteristics and depending on their intended point of installation.

For the central living area, we selected Brazilian Amazonite, which we cut and laid in pursuit of a movement effect, which made the apparently casual arrangement of the veins and colours become the distinguishing trait of the flooring. The perfectly glossy finish of the surfaces then created the effect of light weight, making the furniture appear as if it were floating above a stretch of water.

For the master bathroom, we picked Macaubas, another South American granite, whose particular features we emphasised by developing a book-matched layout both on the floor and on the walls, with the ribs of the material chasing one another with accuracy, conveying that sense of sophisticated skill required for this task.

Last but not least, for the guest bathroom we used Crema Marfil, a beige Spanish marble which was picked directly at the source in the quarry, ensuring the material provided impeccable continuity of tone, to achieve the overall beauty of the room.


Our satisfaction at a job well done was underscored further by the fact that the task was such a complex one. Specifically, these jobs required expertise and precision execution skills, and the end result proved mesmerising and satisfactory even to a less expert eye.

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