Custom fireplaces with an integrated metal frame

In the workplace, the ability to place complementary expertise side by side with our specific know-how has become a necessary advantage, particularly in the sector in which we operate. Creating complex projects in natural stone requires the know-how of many different crafts and skills, all of which are inter-connected. Managing to bring together different perspectives, shifting the focus from our specific field of expertise to a more general, global vision and back, is essential not only to improve the quality of the end result, but also and especially to optimise the working process.

In creating the plan, we must take into account both the stone product we are making, but also all the other elements which will characterise and become representative of the whole space. This is why highly-specialised know-how needs to join forces with great flexibility and speedy solutions to assist clients in the best way possible and to satisfy their requests.
Designing the interior spaces of private residence 'Hotel de Nanteuil' in the centre of Paris gave us the opportunity to combine our high-level of specialisation in the stone sector with our knowledge of other materials. We were commissioned two fireplaces, respectively for the main bedroom and garden bedroom. After performing the first inspection at the construction site, we identified the unexpected presence of two plasterboard walls, which were not suitable at all to withstand the weight of the different marble pieces which made up the two fireplaces. After conducting the necessary evaluation of our area of intervention, we first drafted, then developed a solution which allowed us to complete the project according to our general standards of quality and safety: a metal structure that would support several pieces and make the installation stage easier. We worked on two parallel projects: making the metal structure and creating the project design of the two fireplaces; the fireplaces featured empty spaces so that the metal structure could then slot in perfectly. Subsequently, we enlisted the skills of a sculptor for the decorations. For purposes of decorative continuity with the interior spaces of the building, we adopted a classical style for both fireplaces, but made them unique with diverse, specific themes: while the fireplace in the main bedroom features decorations connected to the world of music, the garden bedroom opts for floral themes which echo the decorations of the room and panelling.
Once finished, the two pieces in bianco lasa were delivered straight to us together with the metal structure, so as to make the work of the technicians in the final installation stage easier.

For this project, our team of experts displayed great skill when communicating both with the client, who was focused on the end result, and all collaborators involved. The ability to combine specific know-how with other abilities and the ability to integrate marble with different materials allowed us to transform a simple initial criticality into a precious opportunity to test and experiment the potential of our company.

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