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The industrial natural stone and marble workshop

Like many, we have thirty years of experience behind us. Like few, we invested these years in creating what we like to define as an "industrial workshop" for marble and natural stone, where we specialise in providing architects with consulting services. Our strength lies in knowing how to create a tailor-made stone "garment" that's a perfect fit for each project. We create it together with you, from consulting on materials through to the finished product, whether this is a cladding, an architectural feature or an interior décor item, via the design phases and dedicating all our efforts to the entire production process in-house. What's our secret? We were born skilled craftsmen to become pioneers in technology, which we bend to the rules of an ancient hand-crafting experience.

Today, we are among the handful of marble specialists who are in a position to follow the entire production process. We start with sourcing the material to then develop and study what was once upon a time a clay model of the finished product to achieve, and what is now done using 3D rendering or CAD drawings. For every project, there is a stone that is most suited - more than any other - to the styling, functional and performance requirements of the specific case. Through this consulting service, and afterwards the production of technical drawings tailored to the designer and his/her ideas, we then reach the production of the finished products. This makes for custom-made "industrial manufactured products", featuring all-Italian quality, which we now export throughout the world thanks to our experience in luxury and ultra-complex projects, to our dynamic approach and to our multi-lingual staff.

Indeed, Bevilacqua Marmi was established in 1981 by brothers Luciano and Lino Bevilacqua, stone masons from a tender age. They fathered the four current partners who make up our management today: Claudio, Alberto, Stefano and Antonio Bevilacqua. Heirs of a passion for natural stone that can only be learned by facing the challenge this material sets, with apparent coldness and hostility, to be plied with docility according to the expert's will. From the onset, ours is a story of constant, rapid evolution, one that takes no notice of the mainstream. This is down to the use of cutting-edge technological tools, which is one of the management's main focuses, as it has aimed for innovation from the very beginning. We are not mere processors, we have lived and contributed first-hand to the very evolution of marble working, liaising with manufacturers of processing machinery, inventing together with them, suggesting prototypes and working together to produce them, to then integrate them very successfully into our production plant.


"Let's not forget that technology is only an additional tool to serve the eye and the expert hand of the skilled craftsman."


On the other hand, the machine is also seen as a diaphragm between man and marble, creating a distance between the two, distracting our attention from the material to move it towards the tool. Working natural stone by hand meant understanding it, perceiving it by being in synch with it, through sensory contact with the material. These days, marble workers instead have to control complex automated plants and the relationship with marble is mediated by technology. This evolution is therefore likely to translate on the one hand into a detachment from the craft, into a loss of original know-how on which the art of marble working thrives.

We have always been aware of this unresolvable dichotomy, and it works like an antidote to irresponsible corporate growth. Here at Bevilacqua Marmi, we fully exploit the perfection of high-technology tools, but never in a way which is disconnected from the hand-crafting experience of our fathers. Perhaps what sets us apart from the others is indeed the special skill of both the owners and the staff, who are trained in-house and have always been loyal. Every operator and designer has within that savoir-faire that can only originate from special places like the one we grew up in, namely Chiampo valley. Here, the presence of previously active quarries enabled an entire marble working production chain to thrive in the 20th Century, so much so that it became the principal activity in the area. In the 1980s, the local area was so specialised and competitive that only the very best managed to emerge and continue the business to the current day. We are among these lucky few.

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