Cinquecento - the tradition of stone material, Palladian lines and contemporary design

The classic lines of Palladio in the modern design of the "Cinquecento" kitchen. This project represents the synergy and collaboration between Arthesi and designer Raffaello Galiotto, and we took part in it to make the marble components. An intriguing project which traces an unbreakable line between tradition and stone material, classic architecture and contemporary industrial design.

Stemming from a collaboration between Arthesi and designer Raffaello Galiotto, the Cinquecento kitchen is a refined design project which pays homage to Andrea Palladio, the architect from Vicenza, who was born 500 years ago. Inspired by the lines and designs of the architect from Vicenza, Cinquecento is the perfect combination of design and architecture, classic and modern, geometrical shapes and the combination of materials. As a matter of fact, in the Cinquecento kitchen, Palladio's recurring geometrical profiles coexist with the modern technology of its equipment and material components. All these elements feature in an environment, the kitchen, which is in itself, a contemporary space. The number one place for sharing, the kitchen becomes a space in which different styles and eras coexist: the classic architecture of Andrea Palladio and his references to Roman culture and nature, the modern technological fittings and the contemporary nature of the materials.
Chromed steel, noce canaletto wood and nero marquinia marble represent the three materials of this project; they create a perfectly balanced aesthetic combination, where the shininess of the nero marquinia perfectly complements the more sober and warmer tones of wood and steel. In creating marble components, we wanted to guarantee the homogeneous aesthetics of the material and a degree of continuity in the tone and veining: for this reason, we created a 9-cm single-block kitchen surface which we combined with the table's sturdy legs. These marble elements are perfectly accompanied by the nero marquinia wall covering by Lithos Design. The 'RV3' texture of the "Le Pietre Incise Palladio" collection maintains the material harmony in the space and becomes a modern expression of classic architectural lines, given that both the texture and the collection itself derive from Palladian lines and are designed by Raffaello Galiotto.

A combination of skills, styles, lines and eras, encompassed in a design concept which revisits history and a classical style, which traces new lines, both functional and modern, in which the stone material becomes the expression of a timeless union.

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