The main reason why we are selected among others? Because we don't restrict our work to production. As we like a job well done so much, we were naturally driven to develop professional skills that go beyond what is expected from a marble company. So here is Bevilacqua Marmi's greatest strength: the full range of services we can offer to designers.

Design Consulting

We plan marble designs based on your needs

Being skilled natural stone processors is not enough to achieve marble design ideas requiring very specific processing. You need to offer services that go well beyond the tailor-made production of marble elements and liaise with designers and architects using the same language they use.

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Material knowledge

The right stone for your design project

Here at Bevilacqua Marmi, we do not keep stocks of material. We preferred to develop the possibility and the skills to source swiftly and at the best possible terms any type of natural stone and marble, whether Italian or international.

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Our production plant

Technology and tradition, in marble and in stone

Many respectable marble industries choose to specialise in specific types of processing. This can however make life more difficult for the designer or contractor. It is often necessary to find and co-ordinate several different partners for the production of marble claddings, furnishings and architectural features. Or they can decide to rely on a single contact person, who often proves far from expert in completing part of the job.

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Integrated solutions

Complex project details for marble design

There are projects where the use of natural stone or marble may appear too complex. Specific issues tied to the weight of the material, to its fixing or to its installation could discourage you from using it to produce complex architectural features or finishing traits. In actual fact, the majority of these difficulties can be solved, and there is no need to resort to alternative materials, which merely imitate the appearance of stone without tallying its charm and properties. You just need a little of our consolidated experience in integrated solutions.

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Support for installation

Marble and stone installation with our coordination

There are teams all over the world who specialise in marble and natural stone installation, and often choosing services locally is the best solution for the architect and the most cost-effective one for the client. However, specialists capable of retaining, in every step of the installation process, the superior quality standards required for the most exclusive projects, are few and far between. This is why we do not provide complete installation teams, but instead support the architect in highly complex installations by sending ultra-skilled worker to supervise.

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Customer care

Your marble design consultants

Designers and their work are at the heart of our attention. We have developed several integrative services to accommodate design needs, but we have never forgotten the first and most important service we wish to offer: a genuine partnership, where the architect can fully trust in our experience in natural stone processing, certain that the best possible result will be achieved.

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On-site inspections

Specific skills for the details evaluation

Our experience in producing marble and natural stone finishing traits and architectural features can be appreciated to the full during on-site inspections. We have the specific skills required to perform metric and architectural surveys of the parts of the project to be made in marble, to support the architect in performing them, or to develop the surveys (s)he performed and turn them into technical drawings.

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