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Technology and tradition, in marble and in stone

Every detail is controlled and realized internally in our high-tech prodution plant

Bevilacqua Marmi on the other hand offers architects and designers an all-inclusive service. We like to call it an "industrial workshop": it is our production plant, which is comprehensive and technologically at the cutting-edge, capable of completing every phase of the processing cycle in-house. We purchase the marble blocks and slabs directly, and we deliver finished marble products ready for installation directly to your work site. We do everything in-house, using the best machinery from across the world, Italian-made, and often with industrial prototypes that are not available on the market, which we contributed to design. For this reason, and perhaps we shouldn't reveal this, many esteemed colleagues rely on us for the production of the most complex and tricky marble details envisaged in a project.


We control every single marble component in the job throughout all the processing stages, from raw material cutting to the finished piece.


We are ready at any time to produce a mock-up targeted to your project, to analyse its every detail together.


The perfection of every detail is checked before packaging: every piece is numbered and the finished marble products are delivered to the work site with detailed installation instructions.

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